Recycle and Reuse - Eco-Friendly Containers and Utensils

Approximately half of the annual plastic production on our globe is destined for single-use. Only a small portion of products such as cups, straws, and cutlery makes it to a recycling plant. The remainder of these items end up in landfills or find their way to the ocean where they disrupt wildlife. While recycling helps, reducing the amount of waste we produce every day is the best way to keep it out of the environment. That’s why we here at Rainbow Acres are want to bring you reusable alternatives to plastic tableware! We offer eco-friendly options for all your on-the-go needs, from cutlery sets to plastic-free lunch containers.

Eco Supplies post2.jpg

These products include:
- U-Konserve’s glass, reusable straws.
- Eco Three-In-One lunchboxes.
- Eco Three-in-One stainless steel plates.
- Klean Kanteen’s insulated water bottles.
- U-Konserve’s bamboo, multi-use utensil.
- Conscious Cutlery’s stainless steel utensil sets.
- Joco’s reusable cups.
…and much more!