Odnova Herbal Royal Honey Fusions

All May long, Odnova Herbal Royal Honey Fusions by Gosha's Organics will be on sale; buy one 12 oz with one travel size and get 10% off! These massively potent holistic elixirs are packed with superfoods like propolis, phytoplankton, and ginseng that help with inflammation, energy, and stamina. Representatives from Gosha's Organics will be in store every Monday and Tuesday throughout May to share samples and information. 

"Clarity" utilizes the power of propolis to promote optimal brain function while marine phyto- plankton elevates mood and concentration.

In "Glo", bee pollen is mixed with a holistic blend of superfoods to promote youthful and radiant looking skin from within.

The turmeric in "Energy" helps with inflammation, while a blend of superfoods bolster stamina and endurance.