Vida Natural Baking Company

Vida Natural Baking Co. delivers scrumptious "Pão de queijo", Brazillian cheese bread, made with organic cage-free eggs, naturally aged sharp cheddar, organic herbs and seasonings, the best quality extra virgin olive oil, and naturally gluten-free yucca starch. Eat these savory soft buns with coffee or make them into little sandwiches. However you eat them, you will enjoy every bite!

Smart Bun

Make fun food part of a healthy diet with the Smartbun, a gluten-free, 72 calorie burger bun with 10 grams of protein per bun! 

It's high in fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. Combining flax, egg whites and all natural non GMO ingredients you have a superfood that may reduce the risk of chronic diseases, help your digestion and strengthen your immune system.

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Rainbow Acres CBD Brain Boost

Feed your brain and breeze through work with our Rainbow Acres premium CBD Brain Boost. Our low acid cold brew Bulletproof coffee blends deliciously with Jeff's Best Hemp extract, Bullet Proof Brain Octane, cacao, cinnamon, and maple syrup to deliver superfood energy and stress relief. 

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Our CBD Brain Boost combines the holistic power of hemp in Jeff's Best hemp extracts with the powerful effects of Bullet Proof coffee and Brain Octane. Unique beneficial phytonutrients are found in hemp that bind with receptors in your brain and help you reach optimal balance and flow. These endo-cannabinoid receptors help your body manage stress and reduce inflammation.  Bullet Proof coffee works by formulating specific types of fat that feed your brain and help you stay focused. These premium products compliment each other perfectly in one little shot that keeps you energized and well all day!

Maika Foods

Maika is a young, innovative company dedicated to giving our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your food is made with a social conscience and good, healthy ingredients.

They set out to create healthy products with a little twist and wanted to celebrate the natural beauty and exceptional flavor of vegetables by removing them from the side of the plate and putting them front and center.

In creating these products, Maika Foods focuses on the natural qualities that make each vegetable its own perfect combination of delicious flavor, gorgeous color, and nutritious punch, to highlight what makes vegetables so special.

We agree and think it’s about time these beauties get a chance to shine on your table.