Essential Oil Diffusers by Le Comptior

Come to Rainbow Acres’ cosmetics section and check out our new display of aroma diffusers by Le Comptior. These functional accessories come in many beautiful shapes and sized to accommodate your home décor. Many models have customized color lighting and a sleek wood-grain finish.

oil diffusers graphic 2.jpg

La Comptior’s whisper-quiet design options will spread your desired essential oil scent throughout your home. Many models come with a remote control and an automatic shutdown feature that kicks in when the water level gets too low.

My Magic Mud - Oral Care Products

My Magic Mud is a mixture that includes coconut shell charcoal, calcium bentonite clay, organic orange peel extract, and organic mint extract. These ingredients create a flavorless, odorless compound for teeth whitening.

My Magic Mud.jpg

“By the time Jessica Arman’s daughter was 7 years old she had been to the dentist more than she had been to the doctor, Jessica said.

Her daughter, Allie, was born with a condition that caused her to be susceptible to cavities and tooth sensitivity. Looking to ease the symptoms of her daughter’s condition, Jessica began tinkering with different home remedies using sea salt, baking soda and other ingredients (activated charcoal)”

- Brett Thorne, Community Impact Newspaper.

QUMIR - Organic Ecuadorian Fine Chocolate

QUMIR is a fine organic chocolate made in Ecuador. It’s made from 66% pure dark chocolate, selected from the Arriba cocoa beans. This brand of chocolate is 100% natural, non-GMO, Kosher, and certified organic. QUMIR was specially designed by keeping health conscious customers in mind and respecting a sustainable production process.

Qumir chocolate post.jpg

QUMIR comes in four different flavors:

. Dark Chocolate                        . Passion Fruit

. Golden Berry                            . Cocoa Nibs & Sea Salt

This tasty snack is gluten free, rich in antioxidants, and it helps reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Vegan Holiday Stuffing - Made With The Best Vegan Ingredients

Our house made vegan stuffing is made with country bread, vegetables, fresh herbs and incorporates Better Than Bouillon veggie broth and Melt Organic vegan butter. Pair this with our vegan gravy for your holiday table or any time you’re craving savory vegan comfort food!

Vegan Stuffing frame.jpg

  • Better Than Bouillon Seasoned Vegetable Base is derived from pureed carrots, celery, onions, and tomatoes. This tasty ingredient is a must have to bring natural flavors to your favorite meals and it only takes a few teaspoons to create a flavorful glaze, hearty soups, or a zesty marinade.

  • Melt Rich and Creamy is the perfect butter alternative. This ingredient is entirely sourced from plants (virgin coconut oil), it’s Non-GMO, and completely dairy-free! This holiday season, keep your kitchen stocked with this vegan delicacy.

Stuffing Bouillon and Butter.jpg

Recycle and Reuse - Eco-Friendly Containers and Utensils

Approximately half of the annual plastic production on our globe is destined for single-use. Only a small portion of products such as cups, straws, and cutlery makes it to a recycling plant. The remainder of these items end up in landfills or find their way to the ocean where they disrupt wildlife. While recycling helps, reducing the amount of waste we produce every day is the best way to keep it out of the environment. That’s why we here at Rainbow Acres are want to bring you reusable alternatives to plastic tableware! We offer eco-friendly options for all your on-the-go needs, from cutlery sets to plastic-free lunch containers.

Eco Supplies post2.jpg

These products include:
- U-Konserve’s glass, reusable straws.
- Eco Three-In-One lunchboxes.
- Eco Three-in-One stainless steel plates.
- Klean Kanteen’s insulated water bottles.
- U-Konserve’s bamboo, multi-use utensil.
- Conscious Cutlery’s stainless steel utensil sets.
- Joco’s reusable cups.
…and much more!

Andalou Naturals- CannaCell Hemp Stem Cell Personal Care Line

Come to Rainbow Acres and try Andalou Naturals’ new line of CannaCell skin care products. Infused with hemp stem-cells these varieties include eye-cream, cleansing masks, day treatments, sunscreens and more!

CannaCell is super powered Cannabis Sativa antioxidants cultivated from hemp stem cells. These super-powered antioxidants help counteract free radicals, oxidative damage, sun exposure, pollution, and premature aging.

Canna Cell blog.png

Be sure to check out Andalou’s CannaCell Men’s Line of personal care and grooming products.

Andalou Naturals offers a full range of high-performance grooming products formulated specifically for MEN, infused with nature's active ingredient CannaCell to deliver real results. These products feature hemp stem cells, hemp seed oil, and pure plant essential oils in their skin, hair, and body care.

These varieties include body wash, shampoo + conditioner, lotion, shaving cream, and deodorant.

Andalou Men post2.jpg

Life Bloom Organics - Natural CBD Sprays

New to our wellness department, we now carry all natural CBD varieties by Life Bloom Organics.  These sprays are designed to support a more restful and regular sleep schedule and to help with general wellness ailments such as pain, anxiety, and inflammation.

Life Bloom2.jpg

Life Bloom's "nanotizing" process allows for a much stronger dose per spray contained in these .25 oz bottles. This nano process takes 99% pure  isolate and breaks it down to a molecular size which allows the Nano CBD to become water soluble. This creates a 120 mg high-dose formula, doubled from the normal 60 mg before the process is applied. 

Halloumi Cheese

Halloumi cheese is a tasty Meditteranian treat that can be served fresh or sauteed! Instead of melting when heated, Halloumi cheese grills to a crispy golden brown. Serve drizzled with olive oil, along side dates, or grill a thick slice and use it in place of meat inside a veggie burger or sandwich. 


Bell Lifestyle Products

Visit our Rainbow Acres Wellness Department this May for a discount on our most popular Bell Lifestyle products. PMS Combo supports healthy hormonal balance and stress levels. Ezee Flow Tea combines twelve herbs that, together, effectively treat urinary frequency. Clear Skin helps your body clean and purify blood using Ayurvedic medicine. 

Odnova Herbal Royal Honey Fusions

All May long, Odnova Herbal Royal Honey Fusions by Gosha's Organics will be on sale; buy one 12 oz with one travel size and get 10% off! These massively potent holistic elixirs are packed with superfoods like propolis, phytoplankton, and ginseng that help with inflammation, energy, and stamina. Representatives from Gosha's Organics will be in store every Monday and Tuesday throughout May to share samples and information. 

"Clarity" utilizes the power of propolis to promote optimal brain function while marine phyto- plankton elevates mood and concentration.

In "Glo", bee pollen is mixed with a holistic blend of superfoods to promote youthful and radiant looking skin from within.

The turmeric in "Energy" helps with inflammation, while a blend of superfoods bolster stamina and endurance.

Carlson Labs

Rainbow Acres loves fish oils and vitamin D supplements from Carlson Labs because of their sustainable fishing practices and dedication to quality. 

Fish oil provides omega-3s EPA and DHA, which supports heart, brain, immunity, joint, and skin health. Vitamin D promotes bone health, immunity, and helps to regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism. 

Vida Natural Baking Company

Vida Natural Baking Co. delivers scrumptious "Pão de queijo", Brazillian cheese bread, made with organic cage-free eggs, naturally aged sharp cheddar, organic herbs and seasonings, the best quality extra virgin olive oil, and naturally gluten-free yucca starch. Eat these savory soft buns with coffee or make them into little sandwiches. However you eat them, you will enjoy every bite!

Smart Bun

Make fun food part of a healthy diet with the Smartbun, a gluten-free, 72 calorie burger bun with 10 grams of protein per bun! 

It's high in fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids. Combining flax, egg whites and all natural non GMO ingredients you have a superfood that may reduce the risk of chronic diseases, help your digestion and strengthen your immune system.

Learn more at

Rainbow Acres CBD Brain Boost

Feed your brain and breeze through work with our Rainbow Acres premium CBD Brain Boost. Our low acid cold brew Bulletproof coffee blends deliciously with Jeff's Best Hemp extract, Bullet Proof Brain Octane, cacao, cinnamon, and maple syrup to deliver superfood energy and stress relief. 

CBD social media-03.jpg

Our CBD Brain Boost combines the holistic power of hemp in Jeff's Best hemp extracts with the powerful effects of Bullet Proof coffee and Brain Octane. Unique beneficial phytonutrients are found in hemp that bind with receptors in your brain and help you reach optimal balance and flow. These endo-cannabinoid receptors help your body manage stress and reduce inflammation.  Bullet Proof coffee works by formulating specific types of fat that feed your brain and help you stay focused. These premium products compliment each other perfectly in one little shot that keeps you energized and well all day!