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Meet our Rainbow Acres Team and Click on an employee's name to email them directly!

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Howard Pollack // Owner

Howard was born an entrepreneur; he began selling bags of candy for a five-cent profit at the age of eight. By 1967, he started a natural foods business out of the kitchen in his home, mixing natural ingredients into what he called “chunks o’ health." This grew into what became Nature's Best distribution company. For the last 37 years, he has owned and operated Rainbow Acres Natural Foods, which is the largest independently owned natural food store in the Los Angeles area.

Howard is not only a proud business owner, but he is also a proud contributor to many of the area’s local community groups. He is past president of the Venice Rotary Club and a member of the Playa Sunrise Rotary Club. He has served on the LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors and was recently appointed to the board at the Airport Marina Counseling Center.

Doug F. // General Operations Manager

Welcome to Rainbow Acres Natural Foods! To those of you that are new to Rainbow Acres, I am the "old timer" who has been working here since 1982. I have been working in the natural food business since 1971. Way back when Akmak crackers sold for 13 cents a box and even before Tiger Milk bars existed! So I have been through and seen a lot of changes.  Over that time period I have seen Rainbow go through 3 expansions and many remodels. The store may change, we certainly have more products to sell than we did in the early years (now over 27,000), but the one constant that I have tried to maintain for folks coming through our door is honest straight forward nutritional advice, good value, and excellent customer service. I love helping customers get well and stay well,  so feel free to call or email me anytime.

Laura H. // General Operations Manager

I have been at Rainbow Acres since 1991; since it was a tiny store on the corner of Tivoli and Washington and I was the assistant night manager. Now, 27 years later, we take up the whole block, and I am not only a general manager but a buyer as well. During this time I became passionate about the personal care department. After countless seminars and training under my belt, I can say that I am well versed in all things health & beauty. I enjoy helping customers feel beautiful inside and out, so stop by and let me add a little beauty to your life!

Susan H. // Manager

With over 20 years of retail experience, I joined the Rainbow Acres family in 2002. I am one of the assistant managers as well as one of the buyers for the store. If you have any questions about products in the water filtration, pet supplies, coffee, sports drinks / bars, housewares, or the baby department, please do not hesitate to ask me for assistance. Feel free to contact me via email with any questions or concerns.

Fany A. // Manager

I am happy to say that I have been a part of the Rainbow Acres family since 2004. Working here has taught me a lot about health and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I am ready for questions and ready to point you in the right direction. Feel free to come in or contact me by email!


Jeff Haas //  Certified Nutritionist
I am one of the nutritionists on staff here at Rainbow Acres. As a Los Angeles transplant, I feel very fortunate to have landed here at Rainbow Acres. Having been in the natural products industry since 1978 and a certified nutritionist since 1991, I hope to add to the quality of an already excellent staff. I look forward to meeting many of you in person and showing you what exceptional customer service is all about.

Andrew Orvis // Nutrition Consultant
After working in the natural foods industry for over 15 years, I am excited to be a part of the Rainbow Acres Family. I have an extensive background working with nutritional and herbal supplements as well as many of the other products throughout our store. I look forward to helping you and answering your questions.

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Lezlee Salgado //  N.H. Certified Herbologist
Hi Everybody! What an honor to be here at Rainbow Acres. I have been here since 2011 and look forward to helping all of you who have health questions or concerns. I am a graduate of Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Health and have my masters in Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique! I am always interested in learning about new breakthroughs in our industry.  I look froward to sharing these new discoveries with you. Hugs & Kisses.


Jennifer Orvis // Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Master Herbalist & Holistic Health Practitioner
Following years of challenging health problems, I adopted a holistic lifestyle including organic whole foods, supplements, and non-toxic products which greatly improved my health. This inspired me to obtain a degree in nutrition, herbology, psychology and holistic health. It also inspired me to educate others on improving their well-being.  I look forward to  helping with your health concerns!

Souhail Danhash // Assistant Manager
& Nutrition Consultant

Yes, that's me! The tall mustached guy who has been with the family for almost 20 years. So grab your basket and let me show you thousands of health goodies. I am waiting! Also, feel free to email me with any questions or comments.


Ramon Marron // Assistant Manager & Wine Buyer
I have been working for this amazing store since 2004, and I must say it feels like a second family. Everyone is really nice and extremely helpful. Please don't be too shy to stop and ask us questions. I am the wine buyer and have tasted each and every wine selection we have to offer.  I am an excellent tool in helping you find the perfect wine for you to enjoy. I have also tried most of the shaving products for men, so please feel free to ask me about those as well!

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Silvio Moreira // Food Service Manager
Having shared my expertise in various food establishments throughout Los Angeles, I am happy to have joined the Rainbow Acres team. My role is to provide you with excellent customer service at our juice bar, deli and kitchen. Our goal is to provide the highest quality and freshest ingredients whenever possible at a competitive price.  Your feedback is extremely valuable. Should you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me.

Francisco Ramirez // Produce Manager
As a vegan and lover of whole raw foods, I truly enjoy heading our Rainbow Acres produce department. I make sure to maintain fresh, high quality, organic and conventional produce at the best price. I also love stocking medicinal super-foods like turmeric and aloe-vera because I, along with the Rainbow Acres family, believe health starts at the salad bowl. 

Erin Olf // Chief Operating Officer

I have grown up my entire life in the natural food industry. Starting at the age of 10 , I would cashier at my father's  booth at the Cancer Awareness Society and soon became very comfortable working in this diverse and fascinating field. Eventually my father founded Rainbow Acres and we have been at this location for the last 37 years, still growing, still strong. I appreciate hearing from our customers, so please reach out with suggestions, comments or ideas. I am happy to be of service and am looking forward to meeting you at the store.